Shipping information 邮寄信息

All our orders are packed with care. We take pride in our business and will endeavor to deliver our plants to you in the best conditions possible.

All parcels are sent via Australia post with Signature. (Due to convid 19 parcels sent after 20th of April,2020 will not request signature until things are back to normal. This is so our customers can stay at home and don't have to travel to collect it from the post office).

Parcels will be sent on Mondays (or on Tuesdays if Monday is a public holiday, or when orders volumes are high). Payment cut off time is Thursday 9:00pm. If you pay after this time it will be sent on the next next Monday.

You will receive tracking notifications via email.

If your parcel gets damaged, or lost, please contact us by email ( within 3 days after receiving your parcel.


我们使用邮局的特快服务,带签名 (2020年4月20号后因为疫情默认不需要签名,减少大家出行,恢复正常后会恢复需要签名)。



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