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Sedum dasyphyllum 大姬星美人
Sedum dasyphyllum 大姬星美人
Sedum dasyphyllum 大姬星美人

Sedum dasyphyllum 大姬星美人

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Sedum dasyphyllum Displayed in 7.5cm pot

Miniature round leafs,each leaf is only about 0.2cm in diameter. leaf turns very colourful when soil is dry.  As the stems continue to grow longer they will hang over the edge of the pot. The colour that this plant can show and it's low maintenance requirement makes it a perfect plant for decorating an arrangement.  Due to the nature of this plant, some leafs may fall off during posting but as it is a fast grower, it will grow back after a few weeks.

Sedums are very easy to grow and will thrive in conditions that a lot of other plants can't.

You will receive plants similar to shown in photo2or 3. Colour change due to weather and growth. This plant has brittle leafs so some leafs may come off during transit. After roots are set water once a week, it will recover very quickly.

大姬星美人 在7.5cm盆子中展示

叶片迷你浑圆,每片叶片直径约2毫米。非常容易爆盆的品种,随着生长会顺着盆边下垂。无状态时叶片绿色,出状态时颜色十分丰富。 适合点缀拼盆的品种。


图1为状态图,实物类似图2. 可以填满一个5cm的圆盆。大姬星美人叶片邮寄途中容易掉叶子,服盆后维持一周浇一次水,会迅速恢复。