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Melbourne graptopetalum amethorum
australia graptoveria amethorum
australia Melbourne graptoveria amethorum amethystinum
Graptoveria amethorum 'grape‘ 圆叶葡萄/葡萄/姬葡萄

Graptoveria amethorum 'grape‘ 圆叶葡萄/葡萄/姬葡萄

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Graptoveria amethorum 'grape‘ 5-6cm

Graptopetalum amethystinum x Echeveria pupusorum. Dark green round leafs, very very chunky. 

You will receive 1 x 5-6cm single head plant, similar to shown in photo 4.

圆叶葡萄/葡萄/姬葡萄 5-6cm

桃蛋杂大和锦。 叶片肥厚,日照充足时,叶片会更为肥短。叶片深绿色,出状态时变为红色。喜全阳,半阳。

您会收到1颗类似图4的 5-6cm的单头葡萄。