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Echeveria suyon 秀妍
Echeveria suyon 秀妍
Echeveria suyon 秀妍
Echeveria suyon 秀妍
Echeveria suyon 秀妍

Echeveria suyon 秀妍

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Echeveria suyon

A very colourful korean hybrid. Suyon has vibrant red colour when stressed, and distinctive leaf shape.When grown hard suyon looks like a red bouquet. Prefer full/partial sun.
Available in 3 sizes:
photo1 : display only
photo 2-3: single head, approximately 5-6cm
photo 4:  multihead on stump, each has 2-4 heads, we will send out the best ones available at the time of ordering. at least 2 years old,displayed in 8cm pot.
photo 5:  multihead stumpy old plant that already looks like a bouquet. each one has 8-12 heads, at least 3 years old, displayed in 10cm pot.



有3个尺寸,图1 为状态图:

图2-3, 单头, 5-6cm


图5:至少3年生的大老桩, 至少8-12个头,发货时会发发货时状态最好头最多的。途中盆子为10cm。

Items shown are similar to picture but not identical.

Succulent color changes due to temperature, sun and watering. We will send out the best ones possible but the plants color may not always look the same as when our product photos were taken. Photos taken in Janurary.

Items will be shipped on the following Monday or Tuesday.
Plants will be shipped bare root and wrapped with care.