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Echeveria Big Red

Echeveria big red 大红

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Echeveria Big Red 8-10cm

Stunning plant. Can grow up to 25cm in ground. Leaf edge may turn very bright red. perfers full/partial sun

大红 8-10cm

红色的勺形叶片,初状态时变为红色,带有大红色的红边。 地栽可长至25cm。 喜全阳/遮阳。


Please note:
All succulents have colour changing leafs. The colour change will depend on weather and watering. Generally succulents become more colourful in winter and when soil is dry. Some succulent's colour can change a lot before and day after watering. We are constantly surprised by the ever changing colours. Due to this nature of succulents, although same or similar plant as shown in our photos will be sent to you, it may look slightly different in colour. We have been operating on Ebay and wechat and had many many very satisfied customers over the past two years.
We put up size indications on each page, the plant you receive will be either within the indicated size range, or slightly bigger. but they will not be smaller.